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Warhorse [Abridged], a shooter for Itch.IO Independent Game Maker Contest 2018. This is a prototype for a future game, Warhorse [Unlimited], primarily demonstrating the graphical style.

Trick Or, a dark Halloween themed game for Itch.IO Halloween Jam 2016.

Whack-A-Mol, an educational flash-card game
Flash-cards fusion with whack-a-mole. Match science terms by whacking the mole holding the correct answer. Learn the Periodic Table of Elements through this game. Gets progressively difficult by speeding up, and showing more moles at a time. Can also be played as a traditional mole-mashing frenzy without having to worry about matching.
Available for:
Windows Phone (7+) Open in New
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Nanogram, a puzzle game
Popularly known as picross puzzles, the nanogram is a type of logic puzzle where you are told how many blocks are 'on' (and how many are contiguous) for each row and column, then you figure out on the grid which blocks are 'on'. Typically these are played on 2D grids, but this game lets you play in 3D cubes! Contains pre-made picross style puzzles, and random puzzles of varying difficulty.
Available for:
Windows Phone (7+) Open in New

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