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Welcome to Ether Tear LLC

We are currently re-structuring our
product offerings. We do still offer websites for small businesses.

If the scary part of a website is the technical aspects, then we would like to help you. We want to help you turn what you currently have (brochures, posters, menus) into a website.

If you don't have marketing information ready yet, then we can also help with that (for an additional cost). We have experience with guiding you to identify what you want to share with the world.

If you are interested, please email us at
DAZ Studio 4 - Create 3D Art for Free
Try our recent game
Trick Or Open in New
a dark Halloween themed game for Itch.IO Halloween Jam 2016.

Our current project
WarHorse Open in New
had its timeline pushed up due to the Indie Game Maker Contest 2015 last year, but has gone back into a planning phase since then. It'll be a shooter game with highly customizable avatars (which are horses).

Graphics for Trick Or and WarHorse are 3D graphics assets from the DAZ 3D marketplace, and composed in their free DAZ Studio 4 software.

Learn about our future project
Falcetto Open in New
, a rapid prototyping interface for creating computer simulations. It handles the overhead of the graphics, user input, data storage, simulation framework, and data display. All that is left is the unique items and code that make up your simulation.

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